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Air Blow Gun, Air Booster & Air Silencers

Vijay Air Control, Bengaluru and Vac Air Kontrolls, Pune - offer wide range of Miscellaneous Products wich include Air Blow Gun & Tube Cutter, Air Booster, Air Silencer and more. For more details about the Product Technical Specifications, Internal Structure and Dimensions - Click here and Download the Product Catelogue.

1. Air Blow Gun & Tube Cutter

New Generation Series

i. Body Type:
Air Blow Gun available in plastic and aluminium body

ii. Range:
Tube Cutter available for size ranging from 4mm to 16mm

2. Air Booster

New Generation - FHBA Series

i. FHBA Air Booster:
FHBA Air Booster uses a single air control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve to achive reciprocating motion for the pump.

ii. Design:
Designed to solve the problem for low pressure of compressed air with the features of small size, long life, high stability, no-electric and easy maintenance.

iii. Bodst Ratio:
Available in boost ratio of 1:2 and 1:4

iv. Minimum Air Pressure:
2 to 8 bar

v. Maximum Air Pressure:
16 bar (1:2) and 32 bar (1:4)

vi. Displacement Volume Per Stroke:
942 cc (1:2) and 295 cc (1:4)

3. Air Silencers

New Generation BSL, BSLM, BESL and PSU Series

i. Thread Sizes:
G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, G3/4, G1 and G2

ii. Type:
Conicat, Button and Silencer cum flow control with lock nut

iii. Characteristics:
Good Flow and Silencing Characteristics

iv. Body Material:
Brass Body and Sintered Bronze Silencer elements

v. PSU Series:
PSU Series in plastic body with porus silencing material

Air Blow Gun & Tube Cutter

Air Booster - FHBA Series

Air Silencers - BSL, BSLM, BESL & PSU Series

Options: Various Options available. Material: Brass with Sintered Bronze, Sintered Bronze & Plastic. Size: M5 to 1" BSP. Low Decible levels.