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Quick Release Couplers (QRCs)

Vijay Air Control, Bengaluru and Vac Air Kontrolls, Pune - offer wide range of Quick Release Couplers (QRCs) wich include Pneumatic Quick Release Coupler, Medium Pressure Quick Release Coupler, Hi-Pressure Quick Release Coupler, Straight Through Quick Release Coupler, Mould Quick Release Couplers, Camlock Quick Release Coupler and more. For more details about the Product Technical Specifications, Internal Structure and Dimensions - Click here and Download the Product Catelogue.

1. Pneumatic Quick Release Couplers

New Generation Hi-Couplers

i. Uni-Directional:
Uni-directional shut-off coupler with an automatic shut-off valve built in the socket.

ii. General Purpose:
An excellent general purpose coupler for connecting factory air supply to pneumatic tool hose.

iii. Structural Parts:
Important structural parts of steel models are hardened for added strength. Extremely wear resistant and durable.

iv. Types:
Available in various body materials, sizes and connection types to suit a wide range of applications.

2. Medium Pressure Quick Release Couplers

New Generation - SK Series

i. Two-way Directional:
Two way shut-off with an automatic shut-off valve incorporated into both the socket and the plug.

ii. Auto Shut-off:
Automatic shut-off valves in socket and plug provide an instant perfect seal when coupler is disconnected. (No fluid loss or mixing of air when connecting or disconnecting the plug).

iii. Body Material:
Variety of body materials. Packing can be selected according to fluid type.

iv. Technology:
Highly accurate machining technology creates an extremely tight seal, designed for a wide variety of applications.

3. Hi-Pressure Quick Release Couplers - Up to 210 Kg/cm²

New Generation - HK Series

i. Two-way Directional:
Two way shut-off coupler constructed of a special high-grade steel.

ii. Application:
Vibration and Impact resistant, together with an extremely low pressure loss, makes this coupler ideal for high pressure hydraulic systems.

iii. Special Threads:
Heat treated to resist hydraulic / mechanical shock and specially treated threads protect against cracking caused by over tightening.

4. Straight Through Quick Release Couplers

New Generation - ST Series

i. High Flow:
Valveless construction drastically saves pressure loss and achieves high flow rate.

ii. Use:
Suitable for high viscocity fluids (such as grease).

iii. Types:
Available in various standard body materials, sizes and end configurations to cope with diversified applications and operating situations.

5. Mould Type Quick Release Couplers

New Generation - JF Series

i. Plugs & Sockets:
The plugs and sockets provide quick connect and disconnect method of changing heating and cooling hoses to the mold as well as, from water manifolds or supply sources.

ii. Use:
Mold couplers are designed for used with plastic molds and die cast dies in water, air or oil lines.

iii. Types:
Available in combination of brass and stainless steel raw material.

iv. Capacity:
100% leak proof connections with having a maximum rated capacity of 13 bar and withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

6. Camlock Type Quick Release Couplers

New Generation

i. Applications:
This coupler complies with diversified applications in liquid or gas transportation.

ii. Structure:
End-face structure enables no bumps or hollows on the internal fluid passage and ensures smooth fluid transportation.

iii. Connection:
Light lever pull-down will connect the plug and socket without fail ready to flow liquid or gases.

iv. Types:
The variety of body materials, sizes and end configurations has been standardized to comply with wide range of applications.

Quick Release Couplers

Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Mould QRC's & Camlock Couplers available. Material: Carbon Steel, Brass, SS304 & SS316. Pneumatic Sizes: 1/8" to 1", Max Pressure - 15Kg/cm². Hydraulic Sizes: 1/8" to 2", Max Pressur - 5000 PSI. Mould Sizes: 1/4" to 3/4", Max Pressure - 10Kg/cm². Camlock Coupplers Sizes: 1/2" to 4". Customized QRC's also can be manufactured.

Quick Release Couplers - Medium Pressure

Quick Release Couplers - Hi-Pressure

Quick Release Couplers - Straight Through

Quick Release Couplers - Mould Couplers

Quick Release Couplers - Camlock