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Polyurethane & Nylon Tube Series


Polyurethane Tubing & Coiled Hoses

VAC Polyurethane tubing is highly resistant to abrasion, pressure and wear, offers outstanding resistance to kinks, excellent tensile and tear propogation strength, very good cushioning capacity and temperature flexibility. It is also highly resitant to oil, grease, oxygen and ozone. The level of deformation remains low even with longterm stress.

Nylon Tubing's (PA - 6 & PA - 11)

VAC Nylon Tubing is characterised by a combination of high strength, toughness and abrasion resistance and is ranked as an engineered plastic. Nylon is also known as polyamide. This is because of its unqiue balance of mechanical, thermal, frictional and chemical properties. Nylon behaves in a predictable, reproducible manner under load and in known evironments. Nylon components retain their high level of performance and engineering properties in long terms applications even at comparitively high temperatures.

Because of its unquie combination of physical & chemical properties VAC nylon tubing's have many diversified applications, available in both Semi-Flexible & Super Flexible grades & made out of respective grades of PA - 6 & PA - 11.

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