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The Company

VAC - Your Partner

A company is one large workplace where work is done and then put on the market in the form of products and services. This work must be benefit if it is to hold its own in the face of competition.

Today's global economy is a demanding economy. The market and competition are the stimulating effects of all enterpreneurial activites; they provide the guidelines and determine success. Only company based on sound economic, technical and organisation principles and which is in a position to have a say in future developments is a match for the challenges presented by the market and competition.

VAC is an independent company which is always on the look out for the latest developments in technology in the market. The company that started in 2001, has dedicated to the field of pneumatics with the philosophy of 'Moving ahead in pneumatics'. This simply means VAC manufactures fine pneumatic products, which are technologically and functionally advanced.

The success of
VAC product range proves that lot of hardwork has gone into it - the work of many VAC employees with their sure instinct for technology and for the requirement of the market; the only way to be successful is to offer products & services which are benefit.

VAC's commitment to quality, customer service and local support combined with the reliability and performance of its product is second to none.

We truly hope that in our endeavour to provide customer witht he best you will be a part of this dream & make
VAC a daily name in your industry.

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